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Leximo apps


It conducts the task of receiving telegrams, files and mails, and distributing it to the associated systems.

It hook ups internal and external data and provides power distribution function.

  1. It receives telegram file of Japan Meteorological Agency procedure format from external system. It can also receive mails from external systems.
  2. It can search, refer and store the received information (Telegram, file, mails) after fixed time interval.
  3. It distributes the input information to associated internal system. (Can perform format conversion as well)
  4. It can make list of undelivered telegrams and can resend them again.
  5. It can display the status of internal circuit and external systems and can control tasks like closing the circuit and eliminating queue.
  6. It can automatically switch over the main operating system by system status.
  7. For software development, it provides library I/F function for sending and receiving telegrams. It also provides the executable telegram transmission commands from command line.

※It can distribute telegram files created in in the internal system to several external systems. It can also send mails to specific destinations.

※It can also search, refer and store the sent information after fixed tie interval.


Receives waveform in real time and stores and sent waveform data.

It provides acquisition function of second stage system group data.

  1. Transmits waveform data of first stage system group in real time and stores in memory or storage.
  2. Accepts acquisition request of waveform data from second stage system and transmits saved data in memory or storage.
  3. Automatic switchover of main operating system from system status.
  4. It provides library I/F function for the acquisition of saved waveform data, for software development. Also provides executable waveform command from command line.


It receives and analyze the real-time earthquake data and also displays and distributes the result of analysis.

It conducts timely calculation of real-time after receiving the earthquake data sent from each observation point and provides functions for displaying and distributing the analyzed information of epicenter, seismic intensity, etc.

  1. It receives real-time waveform data from multi-functional type seismometer.
  2. It analyzes the received data in real time and calculates epicenter specific magnitude, maximum intensity, intensity at each point and estimated arrival time.
  3. It renews and updates the calculated results with originally received timely calculations.
  4. It instantly displays the analysis result information the screen.
  5. It instantly distributes the analysis result information to the eternal communication systems.
  6. It can also inform the cancellation of calculated results related to transmission details.
  7. It is possible to detect the earthquake before arrival of S wave and it is also possible to inform outside by combining the Leximo® Apps / communication of Leximo® Apps family products.
  8. It can automatically switchover the main operating system by system status.


It controls time information of Test system server group and easily performs reproduction operation several times.

Instead of giving pseudo-time in business application, it test environment of actually adopted situation.

  1. Operates business application on any pseudo-time.
  2. It can reproduce by using packet capture data of other system.
  3. By 1st and 2nd function, it can reproduce actual situation of pseudo-time and external transmission.


It stores data of packet unit flowing through network and distributes it to the associated systems.

Storage and transmission of arriving packets in NIC, provides source of user instructions and data transmission function of packet unit in associated system.  

  1. Stores all packets or specified packets of specified NIC in given time.
  2. It cuts and saves the stored packet in step (1) in any server or directory path.
  3. With Leximo® Apps / Time control, it becomes possible to transmit the received cut and saved packet in the given time.
  4. It provides Library I/F function for editing and transmitting cut and stored packet, for software development.

Operating Environment

Equipment System requirements Remarks
CPU Intel Xeon Processor E5-based series Processor with or equivalent to the performance of 4 core/ 8 thread1.8 Ghz
Memory 1 GB or more per instance 8 Mbyte per user processor
HDD 500 MB or more per instance Processor with or equivalent to the performance of 4 core/ 8 thread1.8 Ghz