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Quality Strategy & Target

Quality Policy

Lequios soft Inc.
Quality Policy

1. Basic principle

Lequios soft Inc. contributes to realize a society where people can live in safety through developing human centric system.

2. Basic policy

Based on our basic principle, we will make our employees aware of the importance to fulfill customers’ needs and to keep the rules and regulations. We will provide high-quality products based on the latest technology. We will also set quality objectives and implement reviews to realize quality objectives, and we will continuously strive to improve our quality management system.

  1. (1)We will conduct valuable proposal activities for our customers.
  2. (2)We will stably supply high-quality products adhering to delivery date and demanded quality.
  3. (3)We will conduct training and awareness improvement activities for our employees.


Enactment: 15th July 2009

CEO Atsushi Shibasaki

Quality Objectives

Lequios soft Inc.
Quaility objectives for 2017

For the efficacy of quality management system, we have set quality objectives for 2017 as follows.

(1)Aiming at the implementation of quality objectives, each department will determine an index for quality objectives. All employees will carry out a task for the achievement of their goals to supply the products of stable high-quality.
(2)We will conduct QMS training and test to check employees’ level of understanding whenever necessary to improve their QMS knowledge and awareness.
(3)We will report the status of quality objectives achievement as the management review on a per project basis to improve a condition, and we will continuously strive to improve quality management system.