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Messages from our CEO

Since our foundation in October 2002, our company has mainly engaged in the development of systems for Japan Meteorological Agency.

In recent years, starting from Okinawa, we have expanded the development environment through increasing our development bases in and out of Japan. Although we have gone through tough times for stabilizing those new bases, our operation has grown successfully to launch a number of systems.


We will deploy our technology internationally starting from Taiwan and other Asian countries.
We aim to become the best company in the field of developing information systems for monitoring earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

In Japanese market, we have polished our technology in the system development for Japan Meteorological Agency, and successfully launched Leximo® and Leximo® apps series.
We commit ourselves to safety and security in our country through positioning Leximo® and Leximo® apps Series as the de facto standard in Mission Critical Systems.


We will greatly appreciate your further guidance and encouragement.

Lequios soft inc.

Atsushi Shibasaki