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Corporate Philosophy

Lequios soft Inc. contributes to realize a society where people can live in safety through developing human centric system. Lequios soft Inc. contributes to world peace by spreading Japanese culture of safety and security to the whole world.

Guiding Principles

Wisdom, Courage, Imagination.

Wisdom We will accumulate Wisdom to build a peaceful society.
Courage We will nurture Courage to overcome any despair.
Imagination We will develop our Imagination to turn Impossible into Possible.

Our Mission Statement

Compact and Speedy

We will take prompt actions to provide the best services to our customer through building lean organization and swift action team.

Company Name

The word "Lequios" of "Lequios soft" is a Portuguese which means ' Ryukyuan ', native people in Okinawa. 

In Suma Oriental written by Tomé Pires, they are introduced as peace loving people who were friendly and unarmed. 

According to medieval Portuguese, Lequios also means 'the pivot of the fan'. We call the vital point of project or business as “the pivot of the fan" because if it breaks, the fan won't be able to fulfill its primary function.

We will make our presence as ‘the pivot of the fan’ to provide safe and secure system for the disaster prevention, and aim at creating systems to protect the lives of Japanese and people all over the world.