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October 2002

Established Lequios soft Inc. with a capital of 3 million Yen.


November 2006

Capital increased to 10 million Yen.


July 2007

Signed Basic Material Contract with NEC Corporation.


December 2009

Obtained ISO27001/ISMS certification.


February 2010

Moved head Office to Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo.


September 2010

Signed Basic Material Contract with NEC Networks & System Integration Co., Ltd.


December 2010

Signed Basic Material Contract with NEC Soft, Ltd.


December 2011

Signed Basic Material Contract with NEC Soft Okinawa, Ltd.


June 2012

Established Naha branch in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture.


June 2013

Established Lequios soft Taiwan Inc. in Taipei, Taiwan as a subsidiary.


April 2014

Obtained ISO9001/QMS certification.

Signed MOU with Kao Sheng Daa Inc.


November 2014

Established Sapporo branch in Sapporo, Hokkaido.


December 2014

Capital increased to 50 million Yen.


July 2015

Established Mito branch in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture.


September 2015

Moved head Office to Naha, Okinawa Prefecture.


April 2016

Capital increased to 125 million Yen, through collaborative investment of The Okinawa Development Finance Corporation and The Okinawa Monozukuri Promotion Fund.

Signed a joint development agreement with NEC Corporation, for ‘Early earthquake detection software’, (EEW).


July 2016

Registered a trademark of "Leximo®".


December 2016

Signed a basic contract with NEC Aerospace Systems, Ltd.

Capital increased to 140 million Yen.